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Your Life. Your Story. Your Legacy.


Welcome to where we are committed to the professional preservation of your family’s story! Our team of broadcast professionals shares a passion for preserving the audio histories of clients across America. Along this beautiful journey, we have learned one universal truth:  No one’s story is more important than your own.

Our team has interviewed clients from all over the world including:

Refugees who fled Nazi Germany

The descendants of World War I Veterans

Veterans of World War II , Korea, and Vietnam

Americans who grew up during The Cold War and The Civil Rights Movement

Survivors of The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl, tornadoes, famine, and floods. 

Let us help you document the most important story of all – your own!

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About Your Legacy Recording

When you book a Legacy Recording with, you will receive a complete and professional audio recording articulating your loved one’s story, history, and important life memories. The audio keepsake is a beautiful living diary of your family’s ancestry, allowing your loved one to discuss meaningful life events to share with family for generations to come. Each ‘Legacy Recording’ is conducted by a career broadcast professional and serves as a living reminder of your family’s history and origin. Our team will then edit the recording and deliver a seamless professional keepsake to be treasured for years to come. Click the ‘Booking’ tab to get started!!! We can’t wait to meet you!!

Surprising Scott With His Mother’s Legacy Recording….