Thank you for taking the time to read through our FAQ, this will help you understand the Legacy Recording process as well as provide info on how to have the best Legacy Recording!

Q:  What is the cost per Legacy Recording?
A:   The cost for a Legacy Recording is a flat fee of $600 which includes interview, and full professional editing. 

Q:How long is each recording session?
A:  Each Legacy recording comes with roughly 1 hour of recorded interview time. Recordings that feature a pair of interviewees (Husband and Wife) take a little longer than an hour. After editing, the final recordings come out to 35-45 minutes.

Q:Where do the legacy recordings take place?
A:  Most legacy recordings will occur in the client’s home. Please reach out to Dana directly if you are more than 30 minutes outside of the general KC area. Legacy Recordings can also be arranged remotely- via our virtual broadcasting recording app.  The client only needs a phone!

Q: What do we do if our loved one lives out of town?
A:   Legacy recordings can be arranged via a landline phone connection. We utilize a virtual broadcasting recording app that guarantees quality recordings comparable to an in-person recording.

Q:How will my family receive the recording?
A:  Interviews will be edited and uploaded into a secure Google Drive and shared through the client’s email. This link can be shared with family, friends of your choosing.

Q:Payment methods accepted?
A:   We accept payment at the time of booking via Stripe. We also accept Venmo, Paypal and cash.

Q:What can we do to ensure the BEST result for our family’s keepsake?
A:  Please fill out the application *completely* so that we’re careful not to leave anyone out of your family story!

Q: How are you handling and following Covid-19 Protocols?
A: Our interviewers will follow all Covid-19 guidelines including social distancing, mask-wearing, and other safety precautions before and during the interview to ensure the safety of all parties involved in the recording. If a party prefers to do a remote interview, we will gladly record the interview via a landline.